Hello, human! Welcome to the home page of Loose Canon Studios, LLC! You can call us LCS for short. We’re all casual that way.

Please pardon the dust – we’ve just gotten started, and there’s a lot of work to be done before we’re happy with the amount of awesome that we’re serving up. We’re determined to get there, though, so sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride.

LCS is a very small, independent development company that is focused on building games for mobile devices. You can read more about that on the About Us page, if you’re into that sort of thing. Go ahead, we’ll wait here.

If you’d like, we can also chat about the Games that we have in development. No, seriously, we’d REALLY like to chat about the games that we have in development. It’s kind of our thing. In fact, moving forward, we’d expect that the real action will be happening on those pages more than here. Though this is a really nice page. It just doesn’t have a lot of info on it about the games… which, as we may have mentioned, is something we’d like to discuss with you. You know, whenever you have time. Now?

As we get more settled in, the pages for the various games that we have in development will become even better than they are now – we’ll have discussion forums, support pages, and clowns!

I’ve just been told that we don’t have a budget for clowns. That’s probably for the best. Honestly, I’ve never cared for clowns. Except rodeo clowns, those guys are cool.

Have we mentioned the games?