About Us

Loose Canon Studios, LLC is a small, indie game development company focused on   world domination   the total conquest of all mankind   a really good gravy   developing fun, intelligent games for the mobile market. What does that mean? Good question – but please save further questions for the end of the presentation. We have a lot of ground to cover, and we’re likely to get bored and stop at any moment, so time’s a-wastin’.

What we mean by “fun, intelligent” games is that, while we enjoy a mindless button-mashing game as much as the next human, we believe that a game that makes you think leads to a much more rewarding playing experience. We may be wrong about that, though – we haven’t done any market research on the subject. Honestly, we don’t know how to do market research. We only know how to write code. It’s possible that we’re doomed. PLEASE BUY OUR GAMES!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Haaa Haaa, you misspelled your own name!!!
No no, we meant to spell it that way. After all, “Lose Canon Studios” didn’t seem like a good name for a company that makes games.

No, the other word!!!
…no, that one’s also right – “s-t-u-d-i-o-s”. We thought about going with “Loose Canon Studs”, but that would just be bragging. And also, would likely lead to a sexual harassment lawsuit at some point…


So where are these games that you’re making?
Well, we currently have a variety of projects in various stages of development. See the Games page for more details.

Do you produce “freemium” games, with tons of in-app purchases? I hate that!
Yeah, we know what you mean. There’s nothing more annoying than spending a few hours playing a “free” game, just to find out that you need to spend real-world money to progress any further.

That’s not how we roll. We’ll include the option for you to buy things in our games – if you want to – but those things will only be time-saving devices, and will never be required for you to continue to progress. You may end up doing some grinding, however. No promises.

Are you hiring?
Not at the moment, no.